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Forest Machine Works Inc.

1800 rpm 17-4ss  1/8000 shutter speed F1. 8, 2-600w Lowel lights, direct

Specializing In R&D/Prototype,
Small Run/Short Lead Time
since 1992

Forest Machine- My Life-Our Philosophy

        My name is Jade Hollenbaugh and I have been machining almost my entire life. My dad had a small shop at his house and I played on the old craftsman lathe making small projects and having fun. I was 10 or 11 years old when I first knew that I wanted to own a machine shop. Coming from meager means, I had to start out small, part time, making smart decisions and growing slowly.

    Today by design, we have stayed small and that is a good thing for you and me. When you call you will be in direct communication with the actual machinist that is making your part. We find this is very helpful when doing R&D/prototype work and I can do what I love, making parts instead of managing people. We have a motivated, highly skilled workforce and every employee can take your special project from start to finish.They are efficient in every aspect of machining, cad/cam ,mill, lathe, wire EDM and inspection.

         From medical device/instrumentation to robotic sawing fixtures for the foundry industry, if you can dream it we can help you build it!